Hijama / Cupping Therapy

Hijama / Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a therapeutic method that is done by placing glass or plastic cups on certain areas of the skin, and creating negative suction. Cupping can be performed on different areas of the body, and is considered a traditional treatment in folk and alternative medicine.

Some recent studies indicate that cupping can be effective in treating some health conditions such as: muscular pain, arthritis, respiratory, digestive, and heart diseases, and more.

Cupping Therapy

Is Cupping Safe and does not Cause Any Health Risks?

Cupping is distinguished by its many benefits, which modern science is still discovering new benefits for every day, and one of its most important advantages is that it does not have dangerous side effects that cause concern, if it is done correctly.

Therefore, we always advise those who want to seek invocation to resort to specialists, in order to achieve the benefits and avoid any harm that may occur as a result of the wrong practice of it, and the practitioner’s lack of experience with the laws of cupping therapy.

At the Dragon Center, we provide the best experts and specialists in cupping therapy, in order to provide the best treatment experience for our clients. Specialists with a high degree of professional competence, knowledge of cupping controls and the method of diagnosis in order to provide the appropriate treatment program according to the case.

What is the Best Cupping Therapy Center?

best cupping therapy center

Every person claims that he is the best in his field and there is no competitor for him, but a mere lawsuit is not sufficient to determine the best center to go to if you want to protest; Therefore, I will mention to you the most important factors that must be available in the best centers for cupping therapy:

  1. A trusted center licensed by the local health authorities
  2. Cleanliness and sterilization of the place
  3. Search for reviews and ratings of previous customers for the services provided by the center
  4. Ensure that the center adheres to medical standards and guidelines
  5. Use clean and sterile tools that are used only once

There is no doubt that accredited cupping centers that meet these standards are keen to provide a medical staff of the best experts and specialists in cupping, as does the Dragon Center. In order to ensure the safety of our customers and to provide the best possible quality, we focus on developing the work team, to use the latest technologies that benefit our customers.

What are the Instructions to be Followed Before and After Cupping?

the instructions to be followed before and after cupping

Patients must follow some important instructions before and after cupping therapy, in order to ensure the best results and reduce possible complications. These instructions include:

Before cupping therapy:

  • Avoid medications that affect blood clotting several days before the session, unless recommended by the doctor
  • Avoid getting too full before the session
  • Rest and relax before the session
  • It is preferable to take a shower to clean the skin and pores well

After cupping therapy:

  • Avoid smoking and caffeine for at least 24 hours after the session
  • Avoid showering or swimming for 4-6 hours after the session
  • Avoid strenuous exercise or excessive effort for 24 hours after the session
  • Drink enough water and natural drinks to replace the fluids lost during the session
  • Maintain rest and relaxation after cupping

These instructions are general guidelines, and the patient must follow the special advice and instructions that the doctor tells him according to his condition.

What is the Cost of a Cupping Therapy Session?

Prices vary according to the places, centers, and tools used, as well as the patient’s condition, but we at the Dragon Center are keen to provide the highest possible quality at the lowest price in the best certified center for cupping therapy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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