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Medical massage

One of the most popular means that helps you relax, but is also a treatment, as it helps in treating muscle ache, ease tissues recovery, and enhancing musculoskeletal system in general. Medical massage activates nerve impulses and stimulates the body to get more oxygen.


An old therapeutic method that rids the body of impurities and purify the blood circulation, so that the body regains its activity, vitality and focus again. We are specialized in providing both types of cupping: preventive and curative.

Chinese needles

One of the important medical methods that helps your body control pain, restore energy balance, and achieve clear results quickly, so that it can get rid of its ache and be refreshed. These sessions are conducted by a group of specialists (from both genders) within the Dragon Center branches, in a safe and sterile manner, with the latest technologies used in this field.


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